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[Featured Discussion] - Bestseller vs. Favorite Lists

     This is a new segment, Featured Discussion. Where, I am looking at heading with this segment is more of a opinion based discussion. There is some that will be true and fact, but for the main part I want a good discussion, and I want people to chime in and talk. I will make my opinion and comments known as well. However please, PLEASE do not insult or degrade anyone else.

Featured Discussion:

     It was a while ago that I heard that bestseller lists are the same thing as favorite lists. I don't know the person personally, nor do I know they read; however, I can tell you I doubt they read at all. Bestseller lists are the furthest thing from any sort of type of favorite lists. Anyone in the book scene, and anyone who enjoys that knows this and it's not hard to prove either.

     Click the image to see a full size image of the New York Times current best seller list, for Young Adults. I got this off their webpage as a great reference point, and to show just where I look to find best sellers. NY Times does a great job breaking the categories down, and keeping up to date with what's out and what people are buying.

     I'm going to first look at a few things that define and point out just what is being implied by Favorite Lists and Bestseller Lists. Lets look at the definition of the two, and I will explain what I am implying by the two:

Favorite - fa·vor·ite [fey-ver-it, feyv-rit] (noun)
1. person or thing regarded with special favor or preference: That song is an old favorite of mine.
2. Sports. a competitor considered likely to win.
3. a person or thing popular with the public.
4. a person treated with special or undue favor by a king, official, etc.: favorites at the court.

Bestseller -best·sell·er [best-sel-er] (noun)
1. a book that is among those having the largest sales during a given period.
2. any product that among those of its kind is selling particularly well at a given time: This car was a bestseller last year.

     So lets think about this, Favorite Lists are well lists that have books that you prefer over everything else. There is some subjectivity and personal attachment to each list to the creator. The books are favorites of that person, and more than likely no two favorite lists will be identical. However, if we look at the other realm, Bestseller lists are those that have a quantifiable outcome. There should be no difference between lists, they should all be roughly the same, given that some of the data and acquisition of the data could be slightly different but hopefully not by much.

     The reason I did this was the person was referring to all books on Bestseller lists should always be on your Favorites List or Shelf. While sometimes books may appear on both, that's not the reason books are on a favorite list. The creator of the list enjoyed the book regardless of how much they spent on the book or how much the book has made overall. Again I am going back to the topic of, books should never be judged by how much they are or how much they made. You can't pinpoint a way or a statistic to say, "Yes I will like that book."

     I use Bestseller Lists as a reference point, a vantage in which shows me what people are looking at and where the direction certain buyers or genres are heading. What I mean is that typically when paranormal books go viral like the Twilight series did, you'll end up seeing a spike in sales in that particular genre, not really worth looking at, but I like to keep an eye on it. It gives me a reference point to what books people are looking at, and from there I can read the synopsis and find out if it would be something I would be interested in.

     The overall suggestion is that while Bestsellers show what is currently on the top of the market and what author is currently doing well, it's not a good tool to show what books will be a favorite to you and should always be on your favorite list. Look at the Best sellers and realize that this is the tool you can use to see what others are buying, what is popular and maybe find a book or two that just peaks your interest. As well, I have to say again, books should never be judged by their price tag or the sales, but by their character.

[Waiting on Wednesday] - #29

     Waiting On Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted over at Breaking The Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

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Title: Linked
   Author: Imogen Howson
   Release Date: June 11th, 2013

     Elissa used to have it all: looks, popularity, and a bright future. But for the last three years, she’s been struggling with terrifying visions, phantom pains, and mysterious bruises that appear out of nowhere.

     Finally, she’s promised a cure: minor surgery to burn out the overactive area of her brain. But on the eve of the procedure, she discovers the shocking truth behind her hallucinations: she’s been seeing the world through another girl’s eyes.

     Elissa follows her visions, and finds a battered, broken girl on the run. A girl—Lin—who looks exactly like Elissa, down to the matching bruises. The twin sister she never knew existed.

     Now, Elissa and Lin are on the run from a government who will stop at nothing to reclaim Lin and protect the dangerous secrets she could expose—secrets that would shake the very foundation of their world.

     Riveting, thought-provoking and utterly compelling, Linked will make you question what it really means to be human.

My Stance:

     Linked caught my eye in the last quarter of last year, and I was shocked and taken back by the premise of the synopsis and loved the overall direction the plot was heading. I enjoyed that this takes a look into the thought that twins possess this uncanning ability to see and feel almost identical to the other. However, this book takes a twist on the tale and adds the depth and separation and unity of their relationship.

     When I started re-reading the synopsis, so I could get a better idea where I stood, I was curious why Elissa followed her visions and how did she realize it was another girl on the other end? Wouldn't most people chalk that up to a weird dream/nightmare? It seems a bit of a stretch for me, but I'll accept it and continue. So when the cure is proposed to burn out part of her brain, she realizes the truth. I don't think any doctor burns out part of someone's brain, but I'm not a surgeon so I don't know exactly. It just seems a bit excessive.

     Into the world comes Lin, when Elissa runs to find this girl in her visions, and the whole story goes dystopian. My question is what does Lin mean to the government that makes her so dangerous and that they are willing to cut/burn someone's brain away just to secure it? As well, how can one girl escape those that are after her; there just seems too much to grasp at, and it provides questions that peak my interest just enough that I can't wait for this book!

     This synopsis actually brought me into the book, more than I thought it would. This synopsis just gives enough character biography and background that I want to read more and find out about their world and troubles. As well, I am ultimately more interested in the what the government sees in her. That should be the key point to this book, and why the two are on the run. Let's hope!

[Movie Trailer] - #3 Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Title: Beautiful Creatures
   Director: Richard LaGravenese
   Author: Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
   Release Date: November 1st, 2013

     Ethan longs to escape his small Southern town. He meets a mysterious new girl, Lena. Together, they uncover dark secrets about their respective families, their history and their town.

From the Book:
     Lena Duchannes is unlike anyone the small Southern town of Gatlin has ever seen, and she's struggling to conceal her power, and a curse that has haunted her family for generations. But even within the overgrown gardens, murky swamps and crumbling graveyards of the forgotten South, a secret cannot stay hidden forever.

     Ethan Wate, who has been counting the months until he can escape from Gatlin, is haunted by dreams of a beautiful girl he has never met. When Lena moves into the town's oldest and most infamous plantation, Ethan is inexplicably drawn to her and determined to uncover the connection between them.

     In a town with no surprises, one secret could change everything.


      Beautiful Creatures, is another one of those movies in which I have found something far more interesting than what I had thought. I lump this book with The Hunger Games, not in the same quality or the fact its a similar audience style, but something far different. I watched this movie not too long ago and it made me want to grab the book and pitch forward into it, to the point I actually bought the whole series.

     First off I am not going to talk or review the movie at all. First off, the trailer does a great job introducing the plot and the main character, and the romance that broods throughout the entire book/movie. From the synopsis though it sounds like the book is told from Lena point of view the entire way though. However, the movie seems to focus on the pair, which rightfully it should. I almost felt it focused more on Ethan than Lena, which I thought was odd.

     I first looked at the trailer and was drawn, it doesn't look too cheesy like Twilight and overgrown with Tween romance. It melds a good sense of magic and violence into the dark magic that makes up their world, and weaves a world of romance. I was looking at the book, and thought the book would be darker and more sinister, but would provide better insight into Lena than what the movie gave off.

     Why did I buy the book if I have seen the movie? Rule #1: Never judge a book by its movie. I learned that from The Hunger Games, and I hope this book does the same, I hope it opens my eyes and pours a new more viscous world into my mind. I want something far more than what the book gave me, and I hope the book fills the gaps.

[Book Review] - Let the Sky Fall by Shannon Messenger

   Author: Shannon Messenger
   Series: #1 - Let the Sky Fall
   Format: Hardcover
   Release Date: October 30th, 2012
   My Rating: 3.0 out of 5.0

     Seventeen-year-old Vane Weston has no idea how he survived the category five tornado that killed his parents. And he has no idea if the beautiful, dark-haired girl who’s swept through his dreams every night since the storm is real. But he hopes she is.

     Seventeen-year-old Audra is a sylph, an air elemental. She walks on the wind, can translate its alluring songs, and can even coax it into a weapon with a simple string of commands. She’s also a guardian—Vane’s guardian—and has sworn an oath to protect Vane at all costs. Even if it means sacrificing her own life.

     When a hasty mistake reveals their location to the enemy who murdered both of their families, Audra’s forced to help Vane remember who he is. He has a power to claim—the secret language of the West Wind, which only he can understand. But unlocking his heritage will also unlock the memory Audra needs him to forget. And their greatest danger is not the warriors coming to destroy them—but the forbidden romance that’s grown between them.

My Review:

     This book was a hard one to judge and while I am not 100% sure this is the correct rating for this book, it sits for the time being. I will get around to re-reading and re-reviewing this book when the time comes for the sequel. The book features a normal world, a California as we would think of it, but there is something much different and a twist that makes this book unique. Sylphs, or elementals able to control the winds around them.

     The book starts off with Vane Weston, living a normal life, a world in which we all perceive to be real, and his turning upside down in a few moments notice. I enjoyed how he felt shocked, and the real turmoil and bewilderment as he finds out what he is and who he is. But the deeper confusion is what happened to his parents years ago. He is struck with grief and overall he finds it more annoying that the classmates he has look at him different.

     Vane has visions of a girl, dreams almost of a girl who plagues his memories. The girl shortly reveals herself as Audra, a guardian to Vane, and she makes a mistake she believes she was trained never to make. While Vane is on a date and about to kiss his date, she becomes jealous and summons a northerly to separate the two.   In a panic, she has alerted a group that wants to hunt and kill Vane. Her purpose, hide and protect Vane has been put in jeopardy because of her mistake, and it eats her alive.

     The issue I had with this book, was there is four types of wind in the book. Each of them have their own personality and their own song. You have to be able to speak their language and sing their song in order to weave them. As well, you could combine the winds together and together they become stronger. How do you sing two songs, two languages at once? I don't understand that.

     In order to even use a wind, or anything of the source you have to have a breakthrough. I took this as a realization that the winds are there, and you are able to speak to them, but how would you do such a thing? In the book Audra forces one on Vane, the first one. But how would you do it on your own if there was no one to help you? I just couldn't grasp the coming of the ability or how one would understand they had it. Was a hole that needed filling and never got done.

     The other issue is that Audra, has starved herself. Apparently if a Sylph consumes food or water, their power decreases. So the sacrifice of sustenance for power, is that a choice we all would make? She feels like we do, she hungers and is thirsty, however she knows she's weak if she consumes. What would your choice be? And when it comes to someone you care about, someone you love, how far would you go?

     Let the Sky Fall isn't a book about battles, or war; even if there a good battle near the end of the book its far less than desired. What the book has is a romance that keeps this book together. The ending surprised me, and is more or less the sole reason I am going to be reading the sequel, but behind that this book is average at best, something that I would re-read when the sequel comes out, but that's about it. I wish this book was better, had more fighting, and something that builds more back story to Audra and the Slyphs. There is so much more this book could have done, and time and time again it failed to do provide any closure, any real satisfaction.

[Stacking the Shelves] - #31

Stacking the Shelves is hosted by Tynga’s Reviews and is all about sharing the books you are adding to your bookshelf, be it the physical one or your digital one!

      This week, because of Memorial Day I wasn't around this weekend. I understand I am a bit behind again, but I will be catching up soon. In fact most of what needs to be done is already done. The downside though is the books I picked up this week wont have much to go with them. I apologize for it, but I was looking to finish or work on completing series.

     So I am not going to be talking about my stances on the books, because I haven't read all of the prequels yet. I have too much on my shelves to get around to and just not enough time. I have been thinking about taking a week of technology and catching up on reading. I would only update the books I am currently read on the blog and goodreads so you would know what I was on, but I'm not sure when or if that's going to take place. I will let you know if it will.

Wings of the Wicked

Mailbox Pickup:

   Author: Alyson Noel
   Format: Hardback
   Release Date: November 13th, 2012

     She inherited a magical destiny—and a mission to stop a powerful family of dark sorcerers. She never expected to fall in love with one of them.

There’s still so much Daire Santos has to learn about being the last Soul Seeker….and about herself. As her magical training becomes more intense, so does her relationship with Dace. But when she learns that his connection to the evil Richter family goes far deeper than she ever imagined, she begins to question if love really can conquer all.

Dace is painfully aware that he wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the Richters’ dark magic—and now his brother Cade is determined to use his love for Daire against him. Dace is willing to sacrifice anything to protect the girl he loves —including his own life. But will Daire allow it? And what if defeating Cade costs not only his life, but his soul too?

Enchanting, haunting, romantic, Echo is the second book in the Soul Seekers series by #1 New York Times bestselling author Alyson Noël!

Title: Wings of the Wicked
   Author: Courtney Allison Moulton
   Format: Hardback
   Release Date: January 31st, 2012

     Life as the Preliator is harder than Ellie ever imagined.
Balancing real life with the responsibility of being Heaven’s warrior is a challenge for Ellie. Her relationship with Will has become all business, though they both long for each other. And now that the secret of who she really is has come out, so have Hell’s strongest reapers. Grown bold and more vicious, the demonic threaten her in the light of day and stalk her in the night.

     She’s been warned.
Cadan, a demonic reaper, comes to her with information about Bastian’s new plan to destroy Ellie’s soul and use an ancient relic to wake all the souls of the damned and unleash them upon humanity. As she fights to stay ahead of Bastian’s schemes , the revelations about those closest to her awaken a dark power within Ellie that threatens to destroy everything—including herself.

     She’ll be betrayed.
Treachery comes even from those whom she loves, and Ellie is broken by the deaths of those who stood beside her in this Heavenly war. Still, she must find a way to save the world, herself, and her love for Will. If she fails, there will be hell to pay.

   Author: Scott Westerfeld
   Format: Hardcover
   Release Date: September 20th, 2011

     Goliath is a magnetic beam weapon to encourage peace in 1914 alternative WW1 (between German mechanical Clankers and British Darwinist genetic animal/plant fabricators) by Serbian inventor Nicolas Tesla rescued from remote Siberia by organic 1K' British airship Leviathan midshipman Scottish Deryn Sharp, disguised as boy Daryl to join the Air Service, and her romantic interest, Prince Aleksander, secret heir to Austro-Hungarian throne. Grey-shaded sketches of fantastical contraptions, creative beasties, and impossibly slender characters adorn most of 44 chapters.

     From Russia to Tokyo, California, and New York, the cast includes familiar mentors Dr Nora Barlow, London Zoological Society boffin (and Darwin granddaughter), and fencing master Count Vogel who warns Tesla may need to be assassinated. New faces are revolutionary leader Pancho Villa in Mexico, and newspaper and film mogul William Randolph Hearst showing first cliff-hanger episode from silent movie "Perils of Pauline". Hungry giant bears, ocean storms, attacking forces from sky, land, and underwater - how can the penniless royal and brave commoner achieve world peace and personal happiness?

Title: Rise
   Author: Andrea Cremer
   Format: Hardback
   Release Date: January 8th, 2013

     Everything Conatus stands for is at risk. Hoping to gather enough resistance to save their order, Ember and Barrow attempt a desperate escape. But fate offers little mercy. When their mission is exposed, the couple face relentless pursuit by the supernatural horrors that act on the commands of Eira’s ally: the mysterious Bosque Mar. A shocking revelation forces Ember out of hiding, sending her back into the heart of dark magic at Tearmunn keep, where she must convince her old friend Alistair of her love or face dire consequences. Ember’s deception offers the only chance for the resistance to succeed, but what she discovers in the shadows beneath the keep will shatter her world and bring about the Witches’ War.

     Richly sensual and full of magic, action and danger, Andrea Cremer's fifth book set in the Nightshade world is an edge-of-your-seat page turner.

Title: Everbound
   Author: Brodi Ashton
   Format: Hardback
   Release Date: January 22nd, 2013

     Nikki Beckett could only watch as her boyfriend, Jack, sacrificed himself to save her, taking her place in the Tunnels of the Everneath for eternity — a debt that should’ve been hers. She’s living a borrowed life, and she doesn’t know what to do with the guilt. And every night Jack appears in her dreams, lost and confused and wasting away.

     Desperate for answers, Nikki turns to Cole, the immortal bad boy who wants to make her his queen — and the one person least likely to help. But his heart has been touched by everything about Nikki, and he agrees to assist her in the only way he can: by taking her to the Everneath himself.

     Nikki and Cole descend into the Everneath, only to discover that their journey will be more difficult than they’d anticipated — and more deadly. But Nikki vows to stop at nothing to save Jack — even if it means making an incredible sacrifice of her own.

     In this enthralling sequel to Everneath, Brodi Ashton tests the bonds of destiny and explores the lengths we’ll go to for the ones we love.

[Flashback Friday] - #30

Flashback Friday is a weekly event, hosted here, that highlights a past released that we're dying to get our hands on...

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   Author: Melina Marchetta
   Release Date: May 9th, 2006

     For as long as Josephine Alibrandi can remember, it’s just been her, her mom, and her grandmother. Now it’s her final year at a wealthy Catholic high school. The nuns couldn’t be any stricter—but that doesn’t seem to stop all kinds of men from coming into her life.

     Caught between the old-world values of her Italian grandmother, the nononsense wisdom of her mom, and the boys who continue to mystify her, Josephine is on the ride of her life. This will be the year she falls in love, the year she discovers the secrets of her family’s past—and the year she sets herself free.

     Told with unmatched depth and humor, this novel—which swept the pool of Australian literary awards and became a major motion picture—is one to laugh through and cry with, to cherish and remember.

My Stance:

     I am a huge Melina Marchetta fan, and I can't say I could be any bigger fan if I didn't make an effort or express how much I would love to read her first work. Looking for Alibrandi would be where Melina Marchetta got her fame and ultimately showed the world just what she was capable of, and the raw emotion she instills in her novels. It must sound like I am a broken record when I review one of her books, because they are all so great, and inspiring; trust me though, she is worth the time and effort to sit down and purge her pages of every drop of emotion that she's sweat and bled over.

     Normally I wouldn't go out of the way to read chick-lit books like these, but Marchetta does a a great job not only appealing to the female audiences, but males alike. There is something about her novels in which she takes a tough topic in which every teen or young adult deals with growing up, and relates it to a wide audience that everyone can respect. She's a literary genius and I am envious of her great works!

     Enough about Marchetta, time to dive into this flashback. Josephine sounds like a really old-fashioned down to earth girl, but could be sheltered, as well. and with Living with just her grandmother and mother, the exposure to men and how they react should be almost entirely knew to her. The Catholic high school doesn't help any either, and the nuns' rules only enforce the idea of Josephine to explore for her own.

      If I was Josephine and in her world, I would be curious to what the outside world and other people were like. So it would only be natural that when men and a new world crashes with hers, she'd want to find out and explore that world. I am curious to see if this book is going to have a romance, or a deep friendship that oozes emotional attachment, like every other book Marchetta does. As well, I am curious to see if her parents and family crash with her friends and what kind of punishment is in store for Josephine's actions and curiosity.

[Book to Movie] - Divergent Movie - EWs First Looks

Divergent Movie Update

     Entertainment Weekly came out and posted a few updates, and scenes of Divergent and I wanted to share them with you all, and their comments and whatnot with the pictures. (Click the links to make them larger)

     “In this photo she’s already jumped off the train and onto a seven story building as part of the initiation rite for the Dauntless,” explains director Neil Burger. “The next thing they have to do is jump from the building and down through a courtyard that has a deep, black hole. It’s terrifying.”

     I love this photo, it captures the essence of the Dauntless and their behavior. As well Shailene Woodley does a great job capturing the emotion of Tris in this book. I have to say I haven't ever seen any TV shows that Shailene has been in, but the reputation behind her is astounding.

     Divergent takes place in a dystopian future where society is divided up into five factions. In this exclusive photograph, Tris is taking the place of a fellow Dauntless initiate, and must stand still while knives are thrown at her head. “It’s about being selfless and standing up for what’s right,” Woodley says.

     The cast sounds really good and I can't wait to see it; so far here is what it is:
Shailene Woodley
Beatrice 'Tris' Prior
Jai Courtney
Kate Winslet
Jeanine Matthews
Ansel Elgort
Caleb Prior
Theo James
Tony Goldwyn
Andrew Prior
Maggie Q
Miles Teller
Ray Stevenson
Marcus Eaton
Zoë Kravitz
Ashley Judd
Natalie Prior
Mekhi Phifer
Ben Lloyd-Hughes
Christian Madsen
Ben Lamb

[Waiting on Wednesday] - #28

     Waiting On Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted over at Breaking The Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

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Title: Goddess
   Author: Josephine Angelini
   Release Date: May 28th, 2013

     After accidentally unleashing the gods from their captivity on Olympus, Helen must find a way to re-imprison them without starting a devastating war. But the gods are angry, and their thirst for blood already has a body count.

     To make matters worse, the Oracle reveals that a diabolical Tyrant is lurking among them, which drives a wedge between the once-solid group of friends. As the gods use the Scions against one another, Lucas’s life hangs in the balance. Still unsure whether she loves him or Orion, Helen is forced to make a terrifying decision, for war is coming to her shores.

     In Josephine Angelini’s compelling conclusion to the masterfully woven Starcrossed trilogy, a goddess must rise above it all to change a destiny that’s been written in the stars. With worlds built just as fast as they crumble, love and war collide in an all-out battle that will leave no question unanswered and no heart untouched.

My Stance:

     This week is a series that I have been trying to track down and its just not been working so far. With the conclusion around the corner I am dying to get into the series and read more. I have a lot on my table and while I shouldn't pick up another series, more than likely I just won't help myself and eventually this will make it in my hands. Not that it would be a bad thing, I really want to get into the series. I love the concept of modernizing the Greek mythology.

     I love how this book has war involved and how everything about this book scream romance and violence. There is just something about this book, that has me on edge, I see the whole love triangle in this synopsis and already I am not sure if the books will captivate me as much as I thought. I hate love triangles. I want a girl who is determined, knows who she loves, and ultimately is pure and genuine to that one person. In the paranormal genre is seems almost unheard of to do that with a character.

     While that may bother me and all, I will still probably read the Starcrossed series. It's a series I am interested in, and I have read books with the hated love triangles in them. I just wish the characters would gain a better backbone nowadays. 

[Stacking the Shelves] - #30

Stacking the Shelves is hosted by Tynga’s Reviews and is all about sharing the books you are adding to your bookshelf, be it the physical one or your digital one!

      This is probably coming out close to mid-Tuesday rather than on a Monday like planned. I am falling behind, but I have had an odd week, and I'm trying to catch up, I am sorry. This week is a series of newer books that have made it on my list and some more recent purchases. I am going to cut this section down in the coming months because I had a long list of books before I started blogging and I was trying to show everything on my shelf. I loved this, cause it gives me a chance to connect to you and show you what my thoughts are and where I am looking, in terms of the books on my shelves and what I am interested in.

     So there really wasn't a specific theme for this week, just a series of books that caught my eye and I hope you give them all a chance and see what they offer.

The Summer
Strands of Bronze
and Gold

Mailbox Pickup:

   Author: Elsie Chapman
   Format: Hardback
   Release Date: February 26th, 2013

     You or your Alt? Only one will survive.

     The city of Kersh is a safe haven, but the price of safety is high. Everyone has a genetic Alternate—a twin raised by another family—and citizens must prove their worth by eliminating their Alts before their twentieth birthday. Survival means advanced schooling, a good job, marriage—life.

     Fifteen-year-old West Grayer has trained as a fighter, preparing for the day when her assignment arrives and she will have one month to hunt down and kill her Alt. But then a tragic misstep shakes West’s confidence. Stricken with grief and guilt, she’s no longer certain that she’s the best version of herself, the version worthy of a future. If she is to have any chance of winning, she must stop running not only from her Alt, but also from love . . . though both have the power to destroy her.

     Elsie Chapman's suspenseful YA debut weaves unexpected romance into a novel full of fast-paced action and thought-provoking philosophy. When the story ends, discussions will begin about this future society where every adult is a murderer and every child knows there is another out there who just might be better.

      Dualed has been on my list to pick up for a few months, or last year I am not sure anymore there's too many books to catch up on and watch. Either way, I have been watching this for ages, and I can't believe it's sitting on my shelf now. Dualed is a fantastic world, that I wouldn't want to live in at all.

     West is a character that turns around, and I believe begins to ask questions we all should. The questions on who you are, and which version of you is the better one to live by. The whole moral implications and reasons to justify killing someone, and not just anyone either. If you become the better version of yourself, or something weaker, what's the left over worth? What does that mean for you?

Title: Unremembered
   Author: Jessica Brody
   Format: Hardback
   Release Date: March 5th, 2013

     When Freedom Airlines flight 121 went down over the Pacific Ocean, no one ever expected to find survivors. Which is why the sixteen-year-old girl discovered floating among the wreckage—alive—is making headlines across the globe.

     Even more strange is that her body is miraculously unharmed and she has no memories of boarding the plane. She has no memories of her life before the crash. She has no memories period. No one knows how she survived. No one knows why she wasn’t on the passenger manifest. And no one can explain why her DNA and fingerprints can’t be found in a single database in the world.

     Crippled by a world she doesn’t know, plagued by abilities she doesn’t understand, and haunted by a looming threat she can’t remember, Seraphina struggles to piece together her forgotten past and discover who she really is. But with every clue only comes more questions. And she’s running out of time to answer them.

     Her only hope is a strangely alluring boy who claims to know her from before the crash. Who claims they were in love. But can she really trust him? And will he be able to protect her from the people who have been making her forget?

     From popular young adult author Jessica Brody comes a compelling and suspenseful new sci-fi series, set in a world where science knows no boundaries, memories are manipulated, and true love can never be forgotten.

     This reminds of how Superman came to be. The whole forgot where you came from ploy, and I don't for an instant believe this book is going to be playing on the amnesia. This book has more to do with where she came from rather than what she forgot. She seems to be more of a superhuman/alien than anything else, and that wouldn't bother me. It's how this book is wrapped up; in a cheesy plane crash. Which seems to cause her to forget her memory.

     I will get past that and look at the rest of the book though. I love how she is still determined and pursues her identity. It's almost as if this book is asking the question, "Who are you?" and "What is my purpose?" Its those questions that give this book a unique take on the whole identity crisis and trying to stand up for yourself. Turning this book into a great sci-fi coming of age tale.

Title:The Summer Prince
   Author: Alaya Dawn Johnson
   Format: Paperback
   Release Date: March 1st, 2013

     A heart-stopping story of love, death, technology, and art set amid the tropics of a futuristic Brazil.

     The lush city of Palmares Três shimmers with tech and tradition, with screaming gossip casters and practiced politicians. In the midst of this vibrant metropolis, June Costa creates art that’s sure to make her legendary. But her dreams of fame become something more when she meets Enki, the bold new Summer King. The whole city falls in love with him (including June’s best friend, Gil). But June sees more to Enki than amber eyes and a lethal samba. She sees a fellow artist.

     Together, June and Enki will stage explosive, dramatic projects that Palmares Três will never forget. They will add fuel to a growing rebellion against the government’s strict limits on new tech. And June will fall deeply, unfortunately in love with Enki. Because like all Summer Kings before him, Enki is destined to die.

     Pulsing with the beat of futuristic Brazil, burning with the passions of its characters, and overflowing with ideas, this fiery novel will leave you eager for more from Alaya Dawn Johnson.

     This book came out of the woodwork, I wasn't sure if i liked what the synopsis held and overall, I took a gamble on this book. I love how this book focuses on art and aesthetics around the world, molding a broody romance with the prince, or new king. However what I don't understand and this is me being picky, what sort of art are we talking about Sculptures, Paintings, Poetry, etc? It won't make any matter to the story, other than the length of time that it would take to produce a given work in each medium.

     With the broody romance, there is a topic that I noticed right off the top. When June notices that Enki is an artist underneath his persona of being a prince/king. He is much more than what the surface gives off, and that's a great topic to tell as well. I am curious though, as what the rebellion and tech is about though, and if Enki is part of the rebellion, than why can't he just change the laws?

Title: Strands of Bronze and Gold
   Author: Jane Nickerson
   Format: Hardback
   Release Date: February 12th, 2013

     The Bluebeard fairy tale retold. . . .

     When seventeen-year-old Sophia Petheram’s beloved father dies, she receives an unexpected letter. An invitation—on fine ivory paper, in bold black handwriting—from the mysterious Monsieur Bernard de Cressac, her godfather. With no money and fewer options, Sophie accepts, leaving her humble childhood home for the astonishingly lavish Wyndriven Abbey, in the heart of Mississippi.

     Sophie has always longed for a comfortable life, and she finds herself both attracted to and shocked by the charm and easy manners of her overgenerous guardian. But as she begins to piece together the mystery of his past, it’s as if, thread by thread, a silken net is tightening around her. And as she gathers stories and catches whispers of his former wives—all with hair as red as her own—in the forgotten corners of the abbey, Sophie knows she’s trapped in the passion and danger of de Cressac’s intoxicating world.

     Glowing strands of romance, mystery, and suspense are woven into this breathtaking debut—a thrilling retelling of the “Bluebeard" fairy tale.

     More and more I have been hearing this Bluebeard fairy tale, and the more and more I hear about them I get interested about the stories that try to tackle that story. Now I will admit I haven't heard of the Bluebeard fairy tale at all prior to this book, and I need to do a bit of research and try to understand what its about. From what I gathered in this synopsis is that the tale has something to do the de Cressac fellow trying to captivate his mistresses and lure them into his world. Ultimately he would want to ensnare her.

     Sophie is one of those girls and when her father dies,  Monsieur Bernard de Cressac is right there to pick up the pieces and offers her a dream any girl would want to live in. Except that she's beginning to unravel just who she is living with and understand what he is capable of. I am sure most girls understand and start to realize who they are with. It's tragic when we finally understand that who we thought we were with, and the friend we thought we had, isn't at all who we thought. That in turn pursues us to find out more.

Title: Safekeeping
   Author: Karen Hesse
   Format: Hardback
   Release Date: September 18th, 2012

     Radley just wants to get home to her parents in Vermont. While she was volunteering abroad, the American People's Party took power; the new president was assassinated; and the government cracked down on citizens. Travel restrictions are worse than ever, and when her plane finally lands in New Hampshire, Radley’s parents aren’t there.

     Exhausted; her phone dead; her credit cards worthless: Radley starts walking.

     This book I am not sure on. I am not sure what to make of it is the reason. The synopsis does not do a good job talking about the book and showing what it's completely about. So is a dystopian? Or what is going on with this book? I understand that some party or new government took over and that the president got assassinated. That I understand, but we have some new rules that restrict how people travel. Okay, so an Article 5 sort of take, but what does that mean if you break those rules?

     As well, Radley just wants to be with her family, and when you are in a world in which everything is collapsing, or just plain muddled, who wouldn't. So I understand that, and as a teenager, finding your way, and making your own path can be difficult, so I hope to see some contemporary self searching or trying to find a purpose in this book. I love how this book is presented and I can't wait for it.

[Flashback Friday] - #29

Flashback Friday is a weekly event, hosted here, that highlights a past released that we're dying to get our hands on...

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Title: Awaken
   Author: Katie Kacvinsky
   Release Date: May 23rd, 2011

     Maddie lives in a world where everything is done on the computer. Whether it’s to go to school or on a date, people don’t venture out of their home. There’s really no need. For the most part, Maddie’s okay with the solitary, digital life—until she meets Justin. Justin likes being with people. He enjoys the physical closeness of face-to-face interactions. People aren’t meant to be alone, he tells her.

     Suddenly, Maddie feels something awakening inside her—a feeling that maybe there is a different, better way to live. But with society and her parents telling her otherwise, Maddie is going to have to learn to stand up for herself if she wants to change the path her life is taking.

     In this not-so-brave new world, two young people struggle to carve out their own space.

My Stance:

     I know this is out a bit later than what I may have intended, but I had a rough week and weekend. I ended up having to work a second split shift and then went to Chicago with my parents and grandmother to see my brother for a late mothers day. So I really didn't have a lot of spare time around a computer to post and update and keep going with this. But either way, I didn't forget about this segment.

     Awaken was suggested to me by a book club in which a lot of the were suggesting that this was one of the first books to bring about the dystopia genre. I understand where they are coming from, but this book has a lot more to it than just that. It seems to be a coming of age story as well as a dystopian. I have had this book on my wishlist for a lengthy while, and I understand why.

     Maddie begins to second guess the world she is living in, and to make matters worst, there is a new person in her life. With Justin coming into the picture it's like a trigger. She now has  a reason, and a purpose to stand up for a new life. In doing so she goes into a woman, and gains a voice of her own. Maddie seems like a normal girl who is in the process of growing up, and becoming her own person, but in the process needs to fight against society and the norm in order to succeed.

[Featured Discussion] - Accessories: Part #2

     This is a new segment, Featured Discussion. Where, I am looking at heading with this segment is more of a opinion based discussion. There is some that will be true and fact, but for the main part I want a good discussion, and I want people to chime in and talk. I will make my opinion and comments known as well. However please, PLEASE do not insult or degrade anyone else.

Featured Discussion:

     Well I was going to do something different, and try to get caught up on a few other topics I have been meaning to get to, but when I was working on the Divergent Movie First Look post, I didn't realize I did it over this second part of the Featured Discussion. So I am going to recreate this hopefully better than what I first started, we'll see.

     In the first part of this section I spoke about the main accessory I think in books that everyone should own and have a few of at home, bookmarks. However, there is another product that's hit the market and seems to have taken it by storm. I see these all over the place, and they don't target everyone. Namely myself, but I am not doing this segment solely for what I view would be good. I have looked at some of the products and while I am really only naming two distinct products, I am more or less talking about the styles and purposes of each product, and how well it serves that goal. This discussion, is on the new Booklights.

    I am sure all of you that read and are avid readers like myself, you read at night and enjoy a good thriller and something to exhaust your mind, or just that alone time before bed. Or there are times when the power goes out and there's nothing left to do; can't read because there's no electricity because its dark. That's where a good book light would come in handy, but which type is good for you? they range from all different shapes and sizes, purposes and most of all price. First off I am going to look at the lower end of the spectrum.

Mighty Bright Silver Xtraflex LED Booklight
by Mighty Bright for Gold Crest LLC

     First this is the cheaper brand, at just under $11 it's not the cheapest. I specifically picked this model out to represent the lower spectrum because I feel it's the better quality of the specific spectrum. The light is on a swivel or adjustable head so it makes turning the light a breeze and ultimately can pinpoint the area you are struggling to see. I love this concept because it generalizes the audience and market, by allowing the head to fit any angle and any size of reader. It's so universal it's perfect.

     What I don't like about this product, is the how it's fixed on to the book. If you are an avid reader like me and overall compulsive to how your books look, this would worry you to. The base of the light, clamps onto the cover of your book. Personally that bothers me cause if something happens while I am reading, the cover can actually be torn because of the light. To me that's more of a nuisance and a great deterrant from even considering this book. As well it could end up tearing the pages, and than I would have to by more Filmoplast to fix the problem. Personally this just wasn't what I was looking for.

Lightwedge Paperback Reading Light

by Lightwedge

     The Lightwedge is what I would say would be the higher end of the spectrum coming in from an array of $25 to an upwards of $50. I love the idea that this light covers the entire page and illuminates not just a single spot on a page like normal cheaper book lights. The wedge allows you to see the entire page clearly and allows you to focus your reading entirely and without any interruptions. Normally with a book light, if the atmosphere or shade/darkness changes you may have to move the light around, however with the Lightwedge that's not necessary.

     The downside to this concept however comes with the product itself again. Being rechargeable you don't have to worry about batteries on this product, but when you want to turn the page, the Lightwedge seems to be in the way all the time. As well going from one page to the other, you have to constantly flip this to one page, than the other when the page turns. It seems more like this would be in the way than what would be of help. If there was some other more direct light source that utilized the same technology, it would be better.

     Comparing the two products what you should think about the most is how often you read in the dark, if it's more frequent the Lightwedge may be for you, depending how you like the style and if you can get past the nuisance of flipping it from page to page. However if you find yourself occasionally reading in the dark, maybe the cheaper Booklight model may be for you. It's all in how often you read in the dark, and what you are willing to compromise with.  While the wedge is nice and even if it is a bit more expensive, I would consider it over the booklight, I could get over the nuisance, but I couldn't get over the damaged book.

     You don't have to solely look at the two products that I have mentioned, there are many many more booklights and other styles and models that are out there to served and meet the needs of readers. Look around, find something that makes you happy and as well, something that you will want to use. There isn't anything worst than buying a product and not actually using it. I dislike that, and I hate to see wasted tools. Find something you are interested in, and will benefit from and I encourage you to share your finds with me, I am always interested in learning about what's out there.

As well, if you have any ideas or suggestion for future Featured Discussions feel free to drop me a message here, leave a comment or send me an e-mail (Here). I am looking for suggestions and other topics that interest people. I am going to look at bookshelves or different forms of filmoplast for book repair in the future. I can't wait to hear from you guys!

[Movie Trailer] - #2 Catching Fire

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Title: Catching Fire
   Director: Francis Lawrence
   Author: Suzanne Collins
   Release Date: November 1st, 2013

     As Katniss and Peeta embark on a "Victor's Tour" of the districts, Katniss senses that a rebellion is simmering, but the Capitol is still very much in control as President Snow prepares the 75th Annual Hunger Games.

From the Book:
     Katniss is the spark to a revolution, and the Capitol wants revenge. She won the Hunger Games and returns alive with District 12 Tribute partner Peeta. But he and longtime friend Gale both reject her. On their Victory Tour of all the districts, locals riot but the winning duo must appear lost in their love.


      This is already thought to be one of the best movies of the year, at least for the young adult crowd. There are some adults that will enjoy this movie as well. This is one of those movies that looks tremendous and has a lot riding on its shoulders. The book builds the characters, makes them humanizing and show the side of Katniss that grounds her. If they fail to capture that in this movie, the rest of the book and the loss she goes through won't mean as much, and won't drive the series home.

     The story builds the President as well, while we didn't see much of him in the first movie, I hope to see more of him. Ultimately, this is the book where a villain shines and takes the front stage. His ruthlessness and the tyranny he holds shines, at least in the books. In the trailer we see him talking to one of the advisors. I hope to see his cruelty and drive.

     Ultimately this movie looks much much better than the first, and I can't wait to get into theatres with it. There is just so much passion in this movie that, I feel driven to it.

[Waiting on Wednesday] - #27

     Waiting On Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted over at Breaking The Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

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   Author: Leigh Bardugo
   Release Date: June 4th, 2013

     Darkness never dies.

     Hunted across the True Sea, haunted by the lives she took on the Fold, Alina must try to make a life with Mal in an unfamiliar land, all while keeping her identity as the Sun Summoner a secret. But she can’t outrun her past or her destiny for long.

     The Darkling has emerged from the Shadow Fold with a terrifying new power and a dangerous plan that will test the very boundaries of the natural world. With the help of a notorious privateer, Alina returns to the country she abandoned, determined to fight the forces gathering against Ravka. But as her power grows, Alina slips deeper into the Darkling’s game of forbidden magic, and farther away from Mal. Somehow, she will have to choose between her country, her power, and the love she always thought would guide her–or risk losing everything to the oncoming storm.

My Stance:

     This week is a book that takes a broody romance further. A world in which sorcery and magic is partially what I expected, however twists my imagination around to fit a more cruel and dangerous world. Siege and Storm sounds just fabulous and I can't wait to pick it up, I am not sure when I am going to get around to it though. The first book Shadow and Bone, I managed to travel to Anderson's Bookshop and visit Leigh Bardugo and get the book signed. It's my desire to try to get this one signed as well, and I hope she visits soon after the release.

    This book picks up shortly after Shadow and Bone, Alina and Mal are on new land and fighting not only for their lives, but their sanity. What draws me to this book and sticks out in the synopsis is the fact that Alina feels traumatized by the people she killed in the Fold. It's not some game to her, and the reality she caused that much pain and suffering eats at her.

     The main problem I had with Alina in the first book was how much was spent on her running away from the problem. In this book it sounds like she turns that around and starts to grow and pursue the real issue. She could save her country but the question comes with what cost? Mal... However I dislike this as well; why is it that every hero or heroine must sacrifice their loved one to save the greater good? Isn't there some middle ground where both manage to live in peace and happiness? In the dystopian world, I guess not.

[Book Review] - Rebel Heart by Moira Young

Title: Rebel Heart
   Author: Moira Young
   Series: #2 - Dust Lands
   Format: Hardcover
   Release Date: October 30th, 2012
   My Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0

     Nothing is certain and no one is safe in the second book in the highly praised Dust Lands trilogy.

     It seemed so simple: Defeat the Tonton, rescue her kidnapped brother, Lugh, and then order would be restored to Saba’s world. Simplicity, however, has proved to be elusive. Now, Saba and her family travel west, headed for a better life and a longed-for reunion with Jack. But the fight for Lugh’s freedom has unleashed a new power in the dust lands, and a formidable new enemy is on the rise.

     What is the truth about Jack? And how far will Saba go to get what she wants? In this much-anticipated follow-up to the riveting Blood Red Road, a fierce heroine finds herself at the crossroads of danger and destiny, betrayal and passion.

My Review:

     Rebel Heart, sequel to Blood Red Road, left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. It wasn't what I had anticipated or expected. However it still delivered a great story with unique and diverse characters I was happy to see Saba again. The world grew and changed immensely, and for the worst. Yet what made this book better was the character flaws that flourished throughout the book, time and time again.

     I thought I would see more of Saba, The Angel of Death in Rebel Heart, the viscous girl from Blood Red Road died apparently along the way with Lugh. She got soft and wanted to be more than just some killer, and rightfully she should be. Yet what got me bother was she was overly soft in this book, there wasn't a good moment where I stood up and yelled, "There's the Saba I know." It was a completely knew character, that still wowed me.

     Lugh was a complete mess. Over and over there was something bothering him, and yet he wouldn't open up. There was something that happened to him while he was kidnapped, something that he won't talk about or even lead on. He doesn't trust Jack at all, and when Jack's reputation is tarnished, he's the first one to right Jack off. I am sorry but coming from a guy who owes his life to Jack, that's not how I would be responding. Lugh owes Jack his life whether he likes it or not. As well Lugh is just an overall ass. He won't open up, and over and over seems to blame everything on Saba.

     What made this book overly great was the character flaws. I don't mean how Moira wrote the characters at all. I mean how humanizing they all are; they all make mistakes. Moira grounds her characters in this book, and Saba most of all. There is a great spoiler in which Saba sleeps with someone, and it's not Jack. I won't give away who, but it's things like this that play off the characters main attributes and makes them human.

     Moira delivered with another great read, and pushed the envelope further with this book. Not saying that this was better than the previous or vice versa. Instead of seeing the strengths in the characters like we had in Blood Red Road, the flaws and the humanizing factors shined through. It's their faults, their mistakes that make this book grounding, and jerking. The brooding romance between Jack and Saba continues, but with it comes the flaws and mistakes of every rushed and thoughtless action. I enjoyed this book, but not sure if it was better or worst than the previous.

[Stacking the Shelves] - #29

Stacking the Shelves is hosted by Tynga’s Reviews and is all about sharing the books you are adding to your bookshelf, be it the physical one or your digital one!

      Not sure exactly when this made the blog, I have had a rough weekend and start of the week trying to get things going and just completing them. There really isn't a whole lot going on at the moment, other than my normal job and work. I am making pretty good headway on Breaking Point and it is great so far. Far better than the first book Article 5, so look for that review in a few weeks.

     This week is a different week on Mailbox Monday. I am looking at the 5 books selected this week and I am not sure what the exact theme I was going for or generally what I was going for. I did pick up one book that was on my poll for the month, and it has been completed already (I hope to have the review out in a short while as well). However, there really isn't that many other topics to discuss about this list other than to just start in:

The Story Teller
17 & Gone
The Hunt

Mailbox Pickup:

   Author: Lauren Oliver
   Format: Hardback
   Release Date: March 5th, 2013

     They have tried to squeeze us out, to stamp us into the past.

     But we are still here.

     And there are more of us every day.

     Now an active member of the resistance, Lena has been transformed. The nascent rebellion that was under way in Pandemonium has ignited into an all-out revolution in Requiem, and Lena is at the center of the fight.

     After rescuing Julian from a death sentence, Lena and her friends fled to the Wilds. But the Wilds are no longer a safe haven—pockets of rebellion have opened throughout the country, and the government cannot deny the existence of Invalids. Regulators now infiltrate the borderlands to stamp out the rebels, and as Lena navigates the increasingly dangerous terrain, her best friend, Hana, lives a safe, loveless life in Portland as the fiancée of the young mayor.

     Maybe we are driven crazy by our feelings.

     Maybe love is a disease, and we would be better off without it.

     But we have chosen a different road.

     And in the end, that is the point of escaping the cure: We are free to choose.

     We are even free to choose the wrong thing.

     Requiem is told from both Lena’s and Hana’s points of view. The two girls live side by side in a world that divides them until, at last, their stories converge.

      Requiem, I shouldn't have to do much talking about this book at all. Frankly if you didn't at least get involved and feel moved by the first two books at all, and frankly weren't interested in the books I doubt you made it this far or are as excited as I am about this book. Lauren Oliver is a great contemporary author that took on the dystopia genre, and turned it around.

     I am a guy, and I like this series so it has something going for it in that aspect. Its a love story, yes... But it's not just some love story either. There is war, and a rebellion around the corner, and Lena isn't safe anymore. The world she lives in is turned completely upside down with someone showed up at the end of the last book. I was taken back, and I loved the twist.

Title:The Story Teller
   Author: Jodi Picoult
   Format: Hardback
   Release Date: February 6th, 2013

     Sage Singer befriends an old man who's particularly beloved in her community. Josef Weber is everyone's favorite retired teacher and Little League coach. They strike up a friendship at the bakery where Sage works. One day he asks Sage for a favor: to kill him. Shocked, Sage refuses…and then he confesses his darkest secret - he deserves to die, because he was a Nazi SS guard. Complicating the matter? Sage's grandmother is a Holocaust survivor.

     What do you do when evil lives next door? Can someone who's committed a truly heinous act ever atone for it with subsequent good behavior? Should you offer forgiveness to someone if you aren't the party who was wronged? And most of all - if Sage even considers his request - is it murder, or justice?

     This book poses a lot of questions and is the main reason I picked it up. A story about a girl who befriends an older man, and when their relationship and friendship grows over time everything changes with a simple wish/favor. The questions at the end of the synopsis does a great job explaining and questioning the moral dilemma that will eat this book and the reader alive. I am not sure what I would do in this circumstance. 

Title:17 & Gone
   Author: Nova Ren Suma
   Format: Hardcover
   Release Date: March 21st, 2013

     Seventeen-year-old Lauren is having visions of girls who have gone missing. And all these girls have just one thing in common—they are 17 and gone without a trace. As Lauren struggles to shake these waking nightmares, impossible questions demand urgent answers: Why are the girls speaking to Lauren? How can she help them? And… is she next? As Lauren searches for clues, everything begins to unravel, and when a brush with death lands her in the hospital, a shocking truth emerges, changing everything.

     With complexity and richness, Nova Ren Suma serves up a beautiful, visual, fresh interpretation of what it means to be lost.

     17 & Gone has been on my wishlist for a rather long time, and while the wait was worth it I am not sure exactly when I will get around to this book. I love the concept, mass abduction, and with the recent national case of three woman being found after over ten years of being missing, this book takes the subject home. However, the twist is the 17 year olds that go missing. Is there something about that age? That should have some role into why the girls are gong missing, its a rather large hole.

     What I don't understand that is the cliche and predictable brush of death that Lauren encounters. Its overdone and always spells trouble, so why do it? Find something more unique, a better twist that gets the reader more involved. I hope its more entertaining than how the synopsis describes it, because it's very lackluster to what I was hoping for.

Title: Shadowlands
   Author: Kate Brian
   Format: Hardback
   Release Date: January 8th, 2013

     Rory Miller had one chance to fight back and she took it. Rory survived… and the serial killer who attacked her escaped. Now that the infamous Steven Nell is on the loose, Rory must enter the witness protection with her father and sister, Darcy, leaving their friends and family without so much as a goodbye.

     Starting over in a new town with only each other is unimaginable for Rory and Darcy. They were inseparable as children, but now they can barely stand each other. As the sisters settle in to Juniper Landing, a picturesque vacation island, it seems like their new home may be just the fresh start they need. They fall in with a group of beautiful, carefree teens and spend their days surfing, partying on the beach, and hiking into endless sunsets. But just as they’re starting to feel safe again, one of their new friends goes missing. Is it a coincidence? Or is the nightmare beginning all over again?

     This book I laughed at first cause of the first name, Rory. I had a friend who hated the name, and I used to call him that all the time. And yet to my surprise this is a female, not a guy which makes the name even better. I am not sure about you but the name makes me smile and already makes this a personal involvement.

     So a survival book based on fear. A book in which you believe that the main character is free and safe from the first murderer, yet when the story goes it happens again. Her friend goes missing and the questions and fear surface all over again. I hope this book takes a turn and goes for a mystery style and tries to find out or solve the case of the missing friend. Ultimately this would be great if it took the same approach that Ten by Gretchen McNeil took and ran with it.

Title: The Hunt
   Author: Andrew Fukuda
   Format: Hardback
   Release Date: February 19th, 2013

     Don’t Sweat. Don’t Laugh. Don’t draw attention to yourself. And most of all, whatever you do, do not fall in love with one of them.

     Gene is different from everyone else around him. He can’t run with lightning speed, sunlight doesn’t hurt him and he doesn’t have an unquenchable lust for blood. Gene is a human, and he knows the rules. Keep the truth a secret. It’s the only way to stay alive in a world of night—a world where humans are considered a delicacy and hunted for their blood.

     When he’s chosen for a once in a lifetime opportunity to hunt the last remaining humans, Gene’s carefully constructed life begins to crumble around him. He’s thrust into the path of a girl who makes him feel things he never thought possible—and into a ruthless pack of hunters whose suspicions about his true nature are growing. Now that Gene has finally found something worth fighting for, his need to survive is stronger than ever—but is it worth the cost of his humanity?

     This book gives off the vibe of something a lot better than Twilight, but still the typical Vampire genre. My hopes for this book is that the Vampires are viscous and the book is oozing with gore. The Farm is what came to mind when I first read this synopsis, yet The Hunt has been on my list a lot longer than The Farm (I just couldn't find a good enough copy to meet my standards).

     Gene is a human in a vampires world, and lives amongst them. So does that mean they can't smell him like the stereotypical thoughts and visions of the vile creatures are? That would be a good twist, molding their persona and lifestyle differently and than making them far more viscous and bloodthristy would be better. When Gene finds something ... or someone worth fighting for, that puts a whole new meaning to how he's been living and his world will crumble at his feet.
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