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Featured Discussion:

     I am not sure what happened, I tuned into my blog and found that two days over a the month and noticed that two of them just blew my mind. For some reason I got a rather large influx of views for those two days. I am not sure how or why, but I wanted to take a moment to say Thank You. I couldn't blog or wouldn't want to, if there wasn't people who appreciated or think my point of view is worthwhile. I appreciate the bit of attention and the support I have gotten. Thank you again.

     Thank You
     I could sit and talk about why blogging is important and list my perspectives on it, but frankly we've all read it and I just wanted to take time to take a different stance. Instead of commenting on why blogging is important, I want to explain why views are important.

1. Information
     The information provided to myself or any other blogger, helps them identify which target areas of their blog people are driven to or away from. Which drives more posts that people will enjoy and thus drive further pageviews and more information to where the blogger can improve. Without the pageviews, there's no information.

2. Networking
     Networking with other bloggers helps provide further information into meme's or different weekly events. I myself have found a few, and while I haven't added to that list, I am still part of it. The community is great, and they all help one another and follow each other. Being part of the community and networking with a few of them helps make my blog better.

3. Friendships
     Friendships come from the blog and the community the more you network. I haven't exactly made a few friends, but I am always glad to talk and become friends. I am still new and still more or less hedging my way, but making friends is a key part of blogging. The pageviews are nice and all, I appreciate them, and wish I could talk to and become friends with them all. If you didn't, than I believe you are in it for the wrong reasons.

4. Interest/Topics
     This kind of stems from Networking primarily but focuses on a bit of everything. There are a lot of topics and books (in my case) that tend to make their way onto my blog. I find that because of the Networking and the people I tend to follow and value, their books/posts tend to aid and help my own. Not that I steal from them, I give them credit where due. I value their insight and their input, and to them I thank them, and I value the input and insight you all provide.

      I wanted to take the time to thank everyone, all the people who help and support me, those I turn to and talk to for advice and information on other books. I wouldn't have this blog and keep doing it if it wasn't for all of you. I have learned so much over the two years I've been blogging, and its all thanks to you all. I wouldn't be here or do what I do without all of you.

     When I started I was looking for topics and what I should be doing on a blog. I did primarily book reviews, I wanted to be something bigger and better. I looked around blog depositories to see what meme's or weekly events were going on and what others were doing. I have renamed a few of them to follow some of the more conventional naming and events. It was that bit of networking and looking through other people and trying to join in on all the fun.

     I now have a series of weekly events and further other discussions that I do, this has never really been about what I can do. I have always viewed this blog as trying to provide information and a fresh, different perspective on the books and topics surrounding the whole community. Frankly if people weren't interested in what I had to say, I wouldn't be here. So thank you again.

     This has been a significantly large post to say Thank you, but it's worth it. I am not sure what happened during those two days, but I hope whatever it was, comes again. I wish I had that daily intake every day, I am lucky to get above 60 a day, so when I see anything above 200 I am ecstatic. Thank you, and please come back again.
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