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[Featured Discussion] - Pet Peeves in Shopping

This is a new segment, Featured Discussion. Where, I am looking at heading with this segment is more of a opinion based discussion. There is some that will be true and fact, but for the main part I want a good discussion, and I want people to chime in and talk. I will make my opinion and comments known as well. However please, PLEASE do not insult or degrade anyone else.

Featured Discussion:

     So I thought I would be done gripping about Amazon and how they may have the sole power in determining the pricing of e-Books, but here I am again. This time it's a completely different topic, my Pet Peeves on Internet shopping and dealing with different marketplaces. I have a few different quips and peeves that bother me on internet shopping. It's a nice time to share those problems and a few gripes I have.

     Ravings on E-Shopping
     Recently I purchased two things from Amazon's Marketplace, now I know that Amazon isn't actually behind or in completely responsible for the people on the marketplace. However, the first one got canceled because apparently the person/company forgot they didn't have the item. I was disappointed, but I moved on.

     Next I ordered Shift by Em Bailey and the seller had listed it as a Used - Very Good and I reluctantly bought it because it was the best quality of book at the time. However, when I received the book the dust jacket was torn nearly in two, and book was nearly bent in half. The sides of the book had red markings all down the side.

      I looked around at other bloggers to see their point of view, and I found a blogger that struck me. I read the peeves 

  • When I put several items in my cart and shipping comes to 50 dollars. In turn I ask for combined shipping and they say I cant do that.. Well you lost a sale.
  • I have never seen so much junk for sale in my life. The real treasures are lost because no one can see them for all the stupid games people are playing.
  • Titles that do not say what the item is, they give the brand, and size but don’t tell what the item is.
  • No communication from the seller. It takes maybe 30 seconds to send a message that says thanks for the order, I’ll be shipping tomorrow (or whenever). Isn’t my business worth that 30 seconds?
  • Listings that are carry overs from other sites. Makes it confusing and crappy looking. If they can’t clean up a listing I hazard to guess how reliable they are.

     My biggest pet peeve at the moment is as a buyer when you are looking at different products reviewing just which one you should buy and shuffling through pages looking at product descriptions, and these sellers are listing stuff about their company and how great they are. Frankly I don't care how good of a company you are at the moment, I am looking at a product that you are Failing to describe and making me walk away now. That's the biggest turn off to a company I have; if in a product description I see anything about how a company is run, I RUN.

     Then I have to agree with the blog, comparing items on different sites I found that I was seeing the same product on Amazon that I was seeing on Barnes and Noble. Now how is that possible? Is there two items each listed once, or is there one items listed twice for "extra" publicity. Then what happens when that product is bought from both sites at the same time, which person gets the product? I dislike overlap and repetition, because more often than not there will be something that goes wrong.

     Furthermore, I hate the lack of responsibility of some of the sellers on the marketplaces. When reporting that your product is wrong or damaged they like to blame someone else. "Well it was listed as ______, and you must have misread it," "This was shipped correctly, and was damaged in shipment," and best of all "I am sorry, but my associate mislabeled the product. I apologize, but our transaction is complete." Just because you got my money, and I received a product doesn't make the transaction complete. I have found more pretentious, arrogant sellers than I have decent and honorable ones. I find that sad to say, and in fact makes it much much easier to buy from bigger corporations than local or smaller stores.

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