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[Book Review] - White Cat by Holly Black

Title: White Cat
   Author: Holly Black
   Series: #1 - Curse Workers
   Format: Hardback
   Release Date: May 4th, 2010
   My Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0

     Cassel comes from a shady, magical family of con artists and grifters. He doesn’t fit in at home or at school, so he’s used to feeling like an outsider. He’s also used to feeling guilty—he killed his best friend, Lila, years ago.But when Cassel begins to have strange dreams about a white cat, and people around him are losing their memories, he starts to wonder what really happened to Lila. In his search for answers, he discovers a wicked plot for power that seems certain to succeed. But Cassel has other ideas—and a plan to con the conmen.

My Review:

     This book was a blast to read, and I absolutely cannot wait to finish the series and delve deeper into her world. Cassel and his friends, or friend create and compose a wonderful world that is full of personality and drive. The twist and turns at every carve a world and keep you on your toes. I was never sure what to expect and was thrilled the next moment when Cassel's plan came into action.

     Cassel, was a character that I was looking forward to and grew on me as the book grew to and end. He starts out as a criminal, and a thrifty conman. He was raised to believe in the con, and almost know what who had the upper hand. However, in the beginning you'll realize he's in college and away from his family. Which apparently is good for Cassel, his mother is out for whatever is best for her and her family and his brothers are trying to protect Cassel, even if they aren't going about it the best way.

     At first on the surface I thought the book was going to be about conmen and  the thrifty lives they lead. However, I was wrong. The book is partially dealt with than conman lifestyles and than there is the Curse Workers lifestyle. Cruse Workers are different depending on what "gift" you have been given. In Cassel's mother's case it's emotion. She makes anyone feel how she needs to, to get the job done. There are those who can work memories and than those who can transform objects. Those who can transform are rare and the most sought after, however when one of the characters posses that ability the whole game changes.

     Cassell is different, he mourns the fact that he's not a curse worker at all, and in a family where everyone is a worker he's left alone. It also doesn't change the haunting nightmare he has every night, the dream of him killing his best friend and possibly first girlfriend. Furthermore I found that the second character I fell in love with was a White Cat that follows Cassell around and helps him along his journey. As Cassell, tries to figure out who he is supposed to find, and what's going on in his life, the White Cat remains by his side.

     I wanted more out of the world, and what it had to offer. I enjoyed the college school scenery and it made the school seem large and welcoming. However out in the world the only world and the only house that seemed worthwhile was the house that Cassel grew up in. The cluttered mess, and the worn down house gave a great backstory to Cassel that a few paragraphs could have explained. Yet how he got around was dumbed down to just driving his car from point A to point B. We see over and over Holly Black can create great worlds, so why doesn't she going from points to points.

     This book won't let you down, in fact it's a great read and a great relaxation piece. I was hooked immediately and if you are remotely interested, or sounds like something you might find interesting. I would almost garauntee that you'll enjoy this book. If you aren't hooked by the first chapter or two, I dunno what I will do, but I will find someone to make it up to you.
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