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[Featured Discussion] - Price vs Quality

     This is a new segment, Featured Discussion. Where, I am looking at heading with this segment is more of a opinion based discussion. There is some that will be true and fact, but for the main part I want a good discussion, and I want people to chime in and talk. I will make my opinion and comments known as well. However please, PLEASE do not insult or degrade anyone else.

Featured Discussion:

     I was in South Bend, Indiana last weekend and hopped into the local Barnes and Noble to look around. I found a few books that I wanted to buy, but of course money doesn't allow me to get everything I want at the moment. During my search though, there was a family, in which the girl of the family was a late teenager of early twenties. During her search for a very specific book she looked through the shelves, she asked this question.

"The book is $10.99... that means the book must suck right?"

      Let me start off this discussion simple, I bought Divergent the first time for $10.79 at Books a Million. Later the book was lost  when I loaned it out to a friend and he bought me a hardcover copy to replace the book, and that weekend I went up to Anderson's Bookshop to get that copy signed by Veronica Roth herself. So by that I will greatly say that the price of a book does not at all indicate the quality of the book behind the cover.

     If you believe that, I feel greatly sorry for you. If you are't convinced yet. look at Barnes and Noble online. Their prices change nearly constantly, and if you known anything about economics, price is almost entirely dictated by supply and demand. NOT by how good or bad the book is. I fully believe that the quality of the book is determined by the reader. As well, I want to take this moment to say that there are a few fellow bloggers around that have different tastes in books than me. I understand that I may not appease all the fans and I won't have all of them at all, but those that have similar tastes as I, I want to give quality reviews to them as much as I can.

     If the price was dictated by the quality of the book, I would look to the future and see that every book could be read for free and you would pay as you go to read the next chapter. But it wouldn't be a $1 or $2 per chapter, it would be a pay what you want for the chapter you just read. I don't forsee that ever happening, but it's a great idea in my little head. Pay for the quality of the of the book you want, that's a dream.

     I am not saying that the quality of a book shouldn't be ignored, I am saying that the price of the book doesn't have anything to do with how the book is priced by any distributor or retailer. A while back, I had an issue with a mis-matched price with Barnes and Noble, the issue came with a pre-ordered book. I was charged more for a book that I pre-ordered, and their response was because of all the pre-orders the price went up because there were more people demanding the book, than the supply had really predicted. That's the best example, the true reality of how prices are determined, even if I wasn't a happy customer at the time.

     Just remember one thing, price doesn't indicate the quality of a book. There are numerous books that are $10 or lower and their quality can be past anything I could have thought. I just thought of this, the old proverb, "Don't judge a book by it's cover." That question is almost the same thing as saying the cover is black and it must suck because it's not vibrant and full of energy. Please, please never judge a book by the prices.
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